hail roof damage

Roof Hail Damage

When an asphalt shingle gets old, it becomes brittle and more susceptible to hail damage. Even dime-sized hail can cause significant damage if your shingles are in poor condition. Scheduling a professional roof inspection is the best way to determine if your roof has sustained hail damage. For more information, click here to continue to the hail claim damage page.

nail pop repairs

Nail Pop Damage

Have you ever heard of a nail pop? A nail pop is caused by improper nailing when the roof was being installed. When a nail becomes loose, it pushes against the bottom of a shingle. If these nail pops are allowed to continue, they will completely pierce the shingle and ruin its integrity. A professional inspection by Adam's Roofing will reveal any nail pops so repairs can take place and future damage can be prevented.

shingle cupping repairs

Shingle Cupping

Similar to any other system in the home, over time, asphalt shingles break down. If a shingle appears concave in the center with curled edges, it’s a clear sign that the roof is nearing the end of its lifespan and is ready to be replaced.