Residential Asphalt Roof Contractor

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A proven leader among residential roofing contractors, Adam's Roofing LLC, has been installing sloped residential asphalt shingle roofs since 1982. We offer the latest designs in dimensional shingles, follow the latest developments in current technology and keep all of our repairs and installations up to date.

Have you been curious about the benefits of architectural asphalt shingles? There are many, including hail and storm resistance, a variety of color options and cost, and a relatively low cost in comparison to other roofing materials. Shingle cost, roof slope, building height, roof access and project complexity are all factors that contribute to the installation cost of a new asphalt roof.

At Adam's Roofing, we recommend impact resistant shingles, which can reduce the cost of your homeowner’s insurance since this type of shingle is able to withstand Denver’s sun, wind, and hail. Manufacturer asphalt shingle warranties range from 30 to 50 years. Our friendly team at Adam's Roofing is always happy to help homeowners choose the asphalt shingle that meets their budget, life span, roof color, and aesthetic requirements. Give us a call now at 303-840-9239 or email us at We’d be happy to provide more information or schedule a free estimate.

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Ridge Vent Roll

Easy to install, ridge vent rolls are an innovative product that removes excess heat from attics, increases air flow, and keeps attics dry. Not only do they provide reliable protection against weather infiltration, they are also low profile and add an additional dimension to your roof line. Ridge cap shingles are nailed on top of the vent rolls. For more information, please contact Adam's Roofing.

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Increase Curb Appeal with Dimensional Shingles

Many homeowners can’t believe it when they discover the dramatic effect a new roof and gutters have on the curb appeal of their home. The appearance of this historic home was beautifully transformed by the addition of the perfect shingle and gutter color – see for yourself. Adam's Roofing assisted this homeowner in using the color of the gutters to create a connection between the color of the roof shingle to the façade of the home. This 100-year-old beauty is breathtaking from any angle, which increases its market value.